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What They Say

Free copies of Create Zine land on desks at advertising agencies, publishing houses and design studios twice a year. The creatives/artbuyers have been extremely kind with their feedback, here’s what some of them have to say about the zine, a few words from our artists and some press links too!

Client Audience

"Create Zine’ is super fresh, great collaborations, beautifully crafted graphic design and printed with lovely textured paper stock.” Jaki Jo Hannan Senior Art Producer Adam and Eve DDB

"Hello Create-Zine, I've just seen a copy of your magazine around the office and would love to be on your mailing list. I'm a senior creative in the Conran Design Group studio and am passionate about illustration and would love to keep up to date with the latest work out there…” Andrew Jager Senior Creative Conran Design Group

"I loved the zine thank you, please send future issues.” Suzanne Lemon Art Director The Guardian

"Loved it. Keep em coming!” Steven Gurney Creative Saatchi & Saatchi

"I've just been given a copy of the zine and it's great – could you add me to your mailing list please. Lot's of TfL work to commission in the coming months!" Ali Augar Head of Art VCCP

"Create-Zine was a welcome surprise in my pigeon hole. Packed full of of glorious work from a wide range of illustrators - most of whom I've bookmarked for future commissions." Alex Kirby Senior Designer Faber and Faber

“I received my copy and thought it very good. It’s nice to have something like that to peruse at leisure rather than get bombarded by emails. Please send future issues.“ Philipa Sidney Project Director LIDA

"What a lovely little magazine, full of great artists all in one place. Really nice inspiration tool. Looking forward to the next issue!" Emma Modler Head of Artbuying The & Partnership

"Just opened the zine. It’s great! I love Kelly Beeman. Please keep me on your list and sending future zines." Jim Stoddart Art Director Penguin Random House

"Enjoyed the magazine - think it's a good size/format. Liked the interviews gaining a bit of an insight into the artists work. Please send next issue!" Lesley Scott Art Buyer Ogilvy & Mather


Create Zine artists from past issues have been telling us why they find the publication beneficial and the importance of investing in portfolio promotion:

"It's a real pleasure to be featured in Create Zine, it's a fresh and exciting publication to see in the industry today. Over the past decade, it has become too easy to gain exposure online, but it doesn't always translate into benefits for an independent creative, it may be free, but it's not always targeting the right people to make new professional contacts and advance our careers. Create Zine takes a curated selection of talented artists direct to the people who matter, art directors, art buyers, design studios etc! That's where I want my portfolio to be. Having been self-employed for 17 years now, 10 of which focused on illustration, I do see the benefits of free online promo, but at the same time I see huge benefits in investing in our portfolios and promotion, to know that we can be seen directly by the very people we want to commission us."  Ben the Illustrator

"Humans love touching things. We are gifted with sensitive fingertips which can feel the bumps even in a 35gsm sheet of onionskin paper, and noses that can pick up the scent of screen printing inks from ten feet away. Our eyeballs close when we run our hands over the edge of a foil debossing, and open again to take in the rich colours and shapes as we turn over the pages of a freshly-minted book.


The screen is a sci-fi rectangle of ongoing amazement and free amusement, but we crave ‘things', and the tactile joy of a thing in print is as much loved as it always has been. It is why I have continued to love and create physical objects made for sharing - aka ‘promotion' - and why I’m very happy to be exchanging a modest quantity of pounds sterling for a space on pages of this new publication, created by two experienced people I trust and like." 

Sarah J Coleman


"I’ve been enjoying this recent trend in Zines and more ephemeral publications.  I’m based primarily out of Buenos Aires (splitting time with NYC mostly) and there we’ve had a great surge of zines pop-up, especially with illustration - I love it!" Anna Keville Joyce

“Today we have an increasing need for carefully crafted and curated platforms and time-saving guides. That’s why Create Zine is much needed - with its collectable appeal, it is sure to delight commissioners.” Ines Ivkovic, Founder of Bureau & Family
"Create Zine offers a cover-to-cover immersive experience that is part illustration annual, part interview mag. I personally took issue 2 on a camping trip and hardly noticed the trees for a couple hours because my nose was buried in its pages". Thomas James Illustration Age
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