Introducing - Elroy Klee

Elroy Klee is a man of many talents. Based in The Netherlands, he excels in 3D illustration, art direction, branding and typography. The self-taught designer started out in marketing but soon decided to change course and use his love of street art, illustration and typography to get more innovative. Not abandoning his experience of branding entirely, it was the first 3D printer that spurred him on to explore another direction.

“When I left my corporate studio, I wanted to be more creative, so I started to make all kinds of self-initiated images. When 3D printing arrived, I became very interested in the software; this was the beginning of my multi-dimensional and crafted illustration work.”

Klee has worked with many top brands using his iconic, energetic and detailed aesthetic. Crafting display packs for Nike Air Max inspired by Transport for London’s geometric upholstery patterns and designing the ‘Black King and Red King’ limited edition Joop! Homme fragrance campaign, a lot of Klee’s work begins with experimentation.

“The Kings and Queens work was a self-initiated project with Jeroen Nieuwhuis. It took us many hours to make, but when it was finished, COTY from Paris picked it up on Pinterest and wanted it for their JOOP! Campaign. They used it exactly how we made it, but with more professional models.”

Klee is an advocate of self-initiated work; he believes it is thanks to these pieces that his creativity developed. In one of our favourite projects, ‘1000 Likes 1000 Thanks’, Klee explores not only colour but also textures and layering in the 3D typographic illustration. Although entirely digital, the building-blocks make the viewer want to interact with the work and be tactile with it.

“I wanted to make a quick illustration for my followers, so there were no boundaries for the execution. I like typography and geometric work, so I came up with this angled and layered composition. The advantage of 3D software is you can pick any tones and make elaborate textures. So after making the blue-ish marble and gold textures the rest of the colours were easy to define”.

Klee is all about pushing boundaries, discovering new techniques and always testing creativity. He understands the importance of defining and developing styles where competition is strong and focussed.

We’re eager to see where Klee’s studio will head to next, perhaps more collaborations and maybe even animation? It’s safe to say that whatever he embarks on will be exciting, innovative and visually inspiring.

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