Introducing - EASLE

Brand new on the creative scene, Easle is on a mission to change the way businesses commission talent. Uniquely, the online platform enables creative teams to discover, contact and commission image-makers from across the globe.

Mat Miller

Utilising industry experts, their ambassadors select only the best illustrators, animators, graphic designers, photographers, product designers and filmmakers. Easle is also a tech-savvy solution that streamlines the entire commissioning process by removing go-betweens and adding value.

"Hiring freelance creative talent shouldn't be complicated," explains Fran Danczak, head of marketing. "We've heard from many professionals that the current process is sometimes fractured and hard to keep track of. What we provide is a process that brings all this together in a centralised and streamlined way. Starting with great talent, we also provide an inbuilt messaging system, contract and licensing builder, timesheet submissions, simple payment methods, personal black book management and even reminders when your licenses are about to expire."

Nick Liefhebber

The commissioning partnership between talent and art buyer is often built on trust and reliability, and Easle helps this personable process both on and offline. "Easle isn't about providing a faceless tech solution - it's about using tech to make the current process easier and remove unnecessary costs. Easle is inherently all about people - whether that's the talent on our site, our clients, or us - this is central to our philosophy".

Tom Nicklin

In addition to handpicking talent, Easle vets clients to ensure all parties are protected and any creative can apply to join. "Once creators are approved by our ambassadors we meet or Skype to chat through our platform and expectations. Beyond this, we have a busy calendar of events lined up throughout the year including creative talks, workshops and drinks to put as many faces to names as we can."

Kasia Niemczynska

As well as big agency partnerships, Easle opens doors to smaller businesses that may previously have been tentative about hiring top creative talent. Offering them their seal of approval to drive their campaigns confidently. As a democratic yet quality-driven creative hub, we can't wait to see how Easle may change the commissioning landscape!

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