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My Name Is Wendy is a graphic design and art direction studio based in Valence, France. Founded by super duo Carole Gautier and Eugénie Favre, it produces brand identities, typefaces, patterns, animation and prints.

Multi-disciplinary by concept and nature, Gautier and Favre launched the studio in 2006 which they call their ‘secret laboratory’. Although they spend a significant amount of time with clients in Paris, it’s in their sunny little town that they create their unforgettable work.

Expressing visuals through colour, symbology, typography and repetition their hyper-graphic work is born of a real love of music, contemporary arts, motion design and the Bauhaus Movement.

“The concept of repetition and movement creates interesting differences and subtleties. We like to surprise, but creating is hard because the world is so complicated to understand; yet it’s all very exciting! The Bauhaus Movement influences us because we love geometric shapes but also the expression.”

My Name Is Wendy on Create Zine

As graphic artists and art directors, Gautier and Favre create in various media,

“Our ‘Meteor’ poster series was drawn, our art exhibition ‘Duplex’ associated digital paintings, poems, drawing, sound creation and vocal performance and our ‘Mallarme’ book posters were made of images of objects.”

This freedom to work in various mediums is unique and abundant in their work yet their bold graphic style is recognisable in every project. So how did My Name Is Wendy become this cohesive, confident and memorable studio you ask? Let us explain.

My Name Is Wendy on Create Zine

Gautier obtained her degrees in typeface and commercial design, later meeting Favre at the School of Fine Arts in Valence, who at the time had spent five years studying plastic art. When they finally met and conceived My Name Is Wendy the two creatives had a vision in mind.

“Our collaboration associates our two expertise: graphic design and plastic art. We think that it generates another way of creating. We work for both commercial clients and the cultural sector which is important to us because they work quite differently. Our activity is divided between commissions and our self-initiated work and we believe that it creates a singularity and the two enrich our portfolio. We attach special importance to typography and regularly create our own typefaces. We work with international brands to create letters, titles and typographical compositions."

My Name Is Wendy on Create Zine

We love their global identity for 'Marikafé', which is visually compelling. Created for a traditional coffee roastery, they tell us that the client had complete confidence in their work and gave them the ultimate freedom to create. “We wanted the selection of coffees to have unique patterns to evoke each flavour and each country, so we created an elegant and aesthetic identity.”

My Name Is Wendy on Create Zine

Beats Across Borders was another project which allowed the studio autonomy to translate the brief in their unique style.

“’Beats Across Borders’ is an event created by students of ‘Sciences PO’ in Paris. They created an association called ‘Sciences PO Refugee Help’ which provides material support, legal counsel, language classes and social and cultural activities. It seeks to respond to emergency needs and helps with the integration of refugees in France. Twice a year, they organise a party with DJ sets, live concerts and performances free of charge to migrants. They asked us to create their identity on a voluntary basis, so of course we said yes! The issue of immigration is important to us, and we were shocked by the political decisions regarding the camps in Calais and Aquarius boat and other incidents in France. We felt that the situation for migrants was intolerable and inhumane so as ‘creators’ we produced visuals for public spaces which required a certain level of responsibility.”

My Name Is Wendy on Create Zine

With a social conscience, great thinking and original creativity the duo’s practice is fundamentally a conceptual one. Emulating from My Name is Wendy is a high level of respect for audiences and clients as standard. The studio’s future looks bright and busy and while they continue to work with Nike, they have a top-secret advertising campaign coming up, as well as the next edition of Beat Across Borders. They plan to exhibit in Paris and put final touches to their shop ‘My Name is Jack’ and work on yet more new typefaces.

My Name Is Wendy on Create Zine

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