Artist Insights - David Méndez Alonso

For Create Zine Issue 3 we spoke to Spanish creative director, artist and fashion designer David Méndez Alonso about his influences and his forever changing disciplines and mediums.

We delved into play, silliness and anti-adult to discover that Alonso's work is in fact maturely abstract and primary featuring bold and colourful archaic shapes.

As his work takes the form of catwalk fashion, installations, art and ceramics, we wanted to know what makes the prolific craftsman tick.

Read on to find out more!

CZ: Tell us about where you grew up, studied and what your early influences were.

DMA: I was born in Galicia, the less Spanish region of my country. Everything is surrounded by ancestral forests and we do food very well. We have a celtic background and the mountains hide magical secrets from the past.

I have been drawing since I can remember but my first references were graffiti and american underground comics by Daniel Clowes, Charles Burns and Jonhy Ryan.

CZ: You have worked with some impressive clients including Reebok, Nissan & Levi’s to name just a few, but how much freedom to be ‘you’ do need?

DMA: I'm lucky to work without any limitations when brands ask me to work with them.

CZ: When did you launch Outsiders Division fashion brand? We’ve seen your creations on the catwalks but how did it all happen? Why clothing? And who is it aimed at?

DMA: Outsiders Division is a tag I used to paint on the streets when I was a teenager. I have always been interested in clothing and specially with brands that are linked with culture. Hats are my fetish, so Outsiders Division started as a hat clothing line and after four years we presented a 24-look collection in a catwalk format. It´s aimed at all the people who understand my fashions, to all the weirdos out there, Outsiders Division is a brand that celebrates the beauty of errors. We feel the power and embrace the freedom in each patron. If I have to select a word who reflects the spirit of O.D - it would be JOY. Outsiders Division helps you to find the best version of yourself.

CZ: We love that you call your portfolio a ‘playground’, and we know that you’re anti growing up and pro fun, but why is it important to stay playful? How does that fuel your creativity?

DMA: I regret growing up as a symptom of wastage of creativity and spontaneity. I always say that my work is an accumulation of errors composed together to create beauty. And that´s art, a way to find beauty where nobody can.

CZ: Your work can be described as abstract, primary, leftfield and happy, and you work with many mediums from art direction to illustration, animation and sculpture, so what has been your most epic project to date?

DMA: I quite enjoyed Hotel Oasis, my first furniture collection.

CZ: You collaborate a lot; can you tell us about your favourite people and studios? Who are you working with right now?

DMA: I'm working with Bobo Choses brand, developing a project for them. The other projects should stay in secret until we launch them :-D

CZ: In an ideal world, what would there be more of, and less of?

DMA: More love, more books, less hate and always more yellow.

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