Introducing - Johan Papin

Johan Papin grew up in a small town in Nantes, France surrounded by rivers, soft hills and vineyards. Forever the calm and patient observer he’s been documenting nature and people engaging with each other since early childhood. While his work reflects this intimate side of his personality, he’s highly skilled at capturing human emotions, mannerisms and daily life using elegantly delicate yet grounded line work and tone. As an illustrator, he says, “I am very interested in human nature and the sensitive aspects of life. I try to share the richness and diversity of feelings using beautiful colours.“ Having shared a studio in Paris with his “crazy talented friends,” he says, “It was a real have

Luis Toledo Interview

Digital collage artist Luis Toledo is a collector of multi-cultural digital ephemera relating to anatomical illustrations, religious symbols and historical textiles. His magnificent works are hyper-detailed and nod to ancient textile designs and adornments, Victorian flora illustration and Baroque architectural detail. Toledo’s compositions are built up bit by bit with exceptional detail that demand a second, third and even a fourth take. On each encounter, a new feature appears and viewers can expect skulls, flowers, skeletons, plants, insects, fungi, bodies and animals all making up one distinct and cohesive image. Adding to his repertoire, he is celebrating cultures from across the globe

My Name Is Wendy

My Name Is Wendy is a graphic design and art direction studio based in Valence, France. Founded by super duo Carole Gautier and Eugénie Favre, it produces brand identities, typefaces, patterns, animation and prints. Multi-disciplinary by concept and nature, Gautier and Favre launched the studio in 2006 which they call their ‘secret laboratory’. Although they spend a significant amount of time with clients in Paris, it’s in their sunny little town that they create their unforgettable work. Expressing visuals through colour, symbology, typography and repetition their hyper-graphic work is born of a real love of music, contemporary arts, motion design and the Bauhaus Movement. “The concept of r

Mark Gmehling - The Interview

German artist and art director Mark Gmehling is a master of character design. His imagination and skill produce playful, humorous, emotional and entirely approachable beings that adopt his personal mantra - ‘FUCKTHENORM’. Gmehling's rebellious nature hasn't impeded his progress, having won countless awards; he also boasts clients spanning the globe from Bahrain to Johannesburg. It's clear that these brands and agencies are keen to work with the visionary and we can see why, his impressive skillset ranges from animation to art direction, illustration and mural work. His unique characters have been described as ‘liquid porcelain’, and we’re in awe of his talent. CZ: Where did it all begin? MG

In Conversation with Jiyeun.K

Inspired by classic South Korean picture books of years gone by, visual story-teller JiYeun.K illustrates in an old-style aesthetic to bring her narrative alive. She is known to elongate and exaggerate human features, capturing humble elegance while adopting the shadow-work of a printmaker. Working as a children’s book designer until 2011, Jiyeun.K became freelance with the sole purpose of bringing stories to life. Even though she works with a diverse range of respected publishers in Korea she is somewhat of an unknown talent in the West. Her work depicts drama of the everyday and of the historic past. Akin to graphic novels, her style imagines atmosphere and feelings where even words aren’t

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