Original Interview with Artist Alex Yanes

For Create Zine Issue2, we editorially featured a handful of international artists. Here is the original interview with Miami born and raised visual artist Alex Yanes. Having worked with ink and wood since his early teens, we were keen to discover his fascination with the city’s skate and graffiti scene of the 1980s. You can download the feature here, or read on for a more in-depth insight into Yanes' iconic, colourful and oft amusing artworks. CZ: Tell us about where you grew up, studied and what your early influences were. AY: I was born & raised by my parents in Miami, Florida. I'm the oldest of three siblings. Most of my days were spent outdoors as a kid. My grandparents had a lake hou

In Conversation with Kelly Beeman

New York City based Kelly Beeman is a fashion illustrator and artist. Her paintings depict quietly confident women with relaxed eyes but expressionless features. Adorned in uniquely patterned textiles, sat on elaborately upholstered soft furnishings, narrative hints begin to emerge. Who the subjects are is a mystery yet each painting reveals something about the individual’s personality, style and taste. Although her paintings are contemporary watercolours with a clean ink line, Beeman expresses a classic figurative style with a lean towards elongation. German and Post Expressionism movements spring to mind, as does African sculpture and vintage tropical coloured textiles. Her clients include

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