The Art of Sunae by Naoshi

The intriguing world of Sunae, or Japanese sand art, has not been on our radar, but when we discovered the work of Naoshi, we stood to attention. Not for the materials used by the artist but for the style in which she presented it. Her character-led work has a sense of nostalgia, with a vintage palate and a line similar to childhood illustration books, there is certainly more to the wonderfully bizarre world of Naoshi. Even though her characters appear emotionless, almost static, it is the adventures that they appear it that excited us the most. From outer space to ice cream worlds with rainbow slides and doughnut dresses, guaranteed tomfoolery and an overactive imagination are what the arti

Featured on We Heart

Our pals over at We Heart wrote a little piece on the Create Zine concept. Nice to see fellow arts, culture and lifestyle magazines supporting the cause. Our aim is simple, to get great work directly infront of a captive audience that has the power (and budget) to commission top talent. Thanks We Heart! #weheart #lifestyle #feature #createzine #publishing #illustration #creativity

In Conversation with Kristen Martincic

Interview with Create Zine 1 artist Kristen Martincic Widely exhibited artist Kristen Martincic, recognised for her infatuation with H2O, spent her childhood on the banks of Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio and at local swimming pools. Surrounded by vast bodies of water, being in or near it has had a lasting effect on her career. CZ: Would you say that you are infatuated with water and everything related to it? KM: Yes, I love water and all things swimming or pool related! My siblings and I all swam competitively on our local swim team so we ended up spending most of our summers either in pools or at the lake. Being in or around water was a large part of what made summer feel like “summer”. I ha

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